NOT Punks are here to make their mark in the digital art world.
Сollection of 3260 NFTs.


Our NOT Punks collection reinterprets the innovative spirit in a new way, combining unique elements that echo the values and artistic preferences of our community. Each punk in our collection is not just a digital asset, but an expression of individuality and rebellion against conventions.
Every punk has their own profile page that shows their attributes as well as their ownership/for-sale status.

How can I get
my NOT Punk?

Create a wallet on TON

Wallets are used as a way to interact with blockchain projects. For example, to log in to Getgems, spend, buy and sell NFT, you need to have a wallet. Don't worry, we don't have access to your coins, they are safe.

There are many different wallets for TON. We recommend using Tonkeeper, Tonhub , or MyTonWallet.


You can buy $TON coins using a bank card inside the Tonkeeper wallet using different services or you can use p2p services. All the purchase methods are collected on the official website

Connect a wallet on Getgems

To start using the site, you just need to log in with your wallet — and that's it. Buy and sell NOT Punks NFTs.

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